3 Ways the New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Will Change Your Life


Flip phones are back in fashion.

The 2000s are having a major style comeback. Case in point: Baguette bags, low-rise jeans, and now flip phones, thanks to Samsung and its latest model, the Galaxy Z Flip. A statement phone in and of itself, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is available in two stylish colours: a sleek and versatile black (Mirror Black) and a trendy iridescent purple (Mirror Purple). Here, Samsung Canada influencer Dani Roche explains how the Galaxy Z Flip doubles as both a phone and fashion accessory in her life.

It’s small enough to actually fit in your Jacquemus bag

That’s right: When folded, the Galaxy Z Flip fits into the tiniest of micro bags, like Jacquemus’ Le Chiquito clutch, beloved by A-listers. “You seriously can’t fit anything in there, except for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip,” explains Roche. “It fits perfectly!”

samsung galaxy z flip
Photograph courtesy of Samsung

When opened up to fullscreen, however, the phone measures 6.7 inches across, so you can still binge watch episodes of Schitt’s Creek without sacrificing screen size. There are also no seams in the Infinity Flex Display screen, since it’s crafted using a first-of-its-kind, ultra-thin foldable glass which offers a sleek, premium look, as well as a clear, immersive viewing experience.

samsung galaxy z flip
Photograph courtesy of Samsung

No more fumbling from notifications to apps

Having access to your notifications at a glance is important, especially if you’re out-and-about and hopping from Uber to resto. When shut, the phone discreetly displays notifications on its cover screen. Simply tap the notification, flip the phone open and you’ll be taken directly to the app. Roche especially loves this feature. “In the past, having your phone out during dinner or drinks could get really distracting,” she explains. “But with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, your notifications are a lot more discreet. You can have it out on the table to see what’s going on, but you’re not being bombarded with full text previews.”

It will take your Instagram game to the next level

Thanks to the phone’s flip feature, dubbed Flex Mode, there’s no need for a tripod to get the perfect hands-free selfie. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip allows you to take snaps and videos at any angle between 70 to 110 degrees, which is a must for Roche, who shoots most of her Instagram content herself. “Having the option of setting my phone down anywhere to take a selfie, without having balance my phone on a stack of books, makes everything so much easier,” she says.

samsung galaxy z flip
Photograph courtesy of Samsung

Video calls are also a breeze using Flex Mode—simply prop the phone up on a table and carry on. Additional camera features include a night mode option (called Night Hyperlapse) for hands-free photos and videos, as well as an ultra-wide lens to ensure you’re capturing every single moment possible.

All in all, the Galaxy Z Flip is versatile, compact and stylish – perfect for those who live a fast-paced lifestyle and aren’t afraid to make a statement.

The device sold out in its first day of sales in Canada but Samsung has confirmed that more are on the way, available as early as February 28, 2020. Get yours online at Samsung.com or at your local Samsung Experience Store.

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