6 Sleek Ponytails That Won’t Make You Look Like a Founding Father

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A long-time fix for bad hair days, ponytails have evolved from regular gym hairdo to red carpet and Instagram favorite. But this isn’t your average pony, and achieving that perfect sleek look takes some effort. So how do you avoid looking like a founding father instead of Kim Kardashian? For help, we turned to YouTube for six visual tutorials that achieve your pony goals. And remember: Practice makes perfect!

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The Celebrity Favorite

Seen on celebs like Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and Selena Gomez, the low, sleek pony is a polished look that can be worn at the office and formal events. It’s pretty simple to put together, as shown in this tutorial: All you need is a tail comb, hairspray, hair gel, hair tie, and a toothbrush.


The Fountain Pony

Reach new ponytail heights with this detailed tutorial. Getting the height and length for a fountain pony calls for extensions, which can be tricky to use. Luckily, this video shows exactly how to add bundles seamlessly.


The ’90s Baby

Throw it back with a ‘90s-inspired pony. A favorite of Bella Hadid, this look features a deep side part and flipped out ends for medium to long hair. This tutorial shows you how to get that precise part (a tail comb) and a slicked-back look (a ton of hairspray and brushing). For the finishing touch, pick up your flat iron and use a flick of the wrist.


The Textured Pony

Need some extra oomph? Turn your bedroom hair into a bedroom pony. To start, prep hair into loose waves. Use the two-ponytail method and divide your hair into sections: One pony in the back of the head should meet with a pony from the front.


Wrapped With a Bow

If you have thinner hair, this tutorial is perfect for achieving thickness with extensions and a few ponytail hacks. Fill in sparse areas with eyeshadow and use a tail comb to add extra volume. For height, this video recommends a Pony-O that can be easily hidden with a bow.


For the Curls

Wet hair works best for a sleek pony with natural curls. Brush your hair until you get a smooth base and secure with a hair tie. Turn your ponytail into a tight braid and attach your extensions to the end. Carefully wrap your extensions around the braid until you reach the base. As shown in this video, don’t be afraid to play around with positioning and adjustments.

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