Here’s Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Opening Christmas Presents for Their Baby Girl


Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik spent their first Christmas as parents with the Hadid family, and Gigi’s mom Yolanda shared an intimate look into the couple’s Christmas day. Gigi and Zayn appear together in a shot, opening a present for their daughter: a pink snowsuit. Another white onesie they received appears on Hadid’s leg. Notably, Zayn’s hair is now light blue.

gigi and zayn on christmas day


Hadid and Malik don’t often appear in photos posted on social media together, and Malik doesn’t appear in many social media shots generally. But the model gave a rare look into their relationship earlier this week when she posted two shots of him as part of Instagram’s trendy “post a pic of…” challenge. He appears outside in one, and they are kissing in another.

gigi and zayn


zayn malik


Yolanda captioned her series of family photos, “One day, we will look back on this time and talk about what we learned, how we grew and how grateful we were to have each other…… #Christmas2020 #Family.” She tagged Malik, Hadid, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, and Anwar Hadid in the first pic.

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Hadid shared her own photos of her daughter’s first Christmas, including a shot of Zayn holding their daughter and another one with fashion credits for their baby’s look. Their little one was in Gucci, naturally:

gigi hadid christmas baby

Gigi HadidInstagram

gigi hadid baby christmas

Gigi HadidInstagram

Hadid and Malik have not revealed their daughter’s name and have made a point not to show their baby’s face in photos to protect her privacy. When Hadid posted the prompt for Instagram’s “post a pic of” challenge, she made it clear that fans shouldn’t expect a full-body shot of her daughter right now. “pls don’t say ‘the baby.’ it’s not happening,” Hadid wrote.

gigi hadid's call for submissions


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