When Are the Next Episodes of Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Coming Out?


Lana sure knows how to draw out the tension. When season 2 of Too Hot to Handle first hit Netflix on June 23, we were only treated to four episodes—a tease if we’ve ever seen one. Of course, that strategy makes sense for a show that’s ostensibly about waiting: The goal of the popular dating competition is for the contestants to form meaningful relationships without sex, making out, or heavy petting in the mix. (They’re also barred from masturbation.)

And we, the viewers helplessly infatuated with these poor repressed souls, are also made to wait for all 10 episodes. The next and final six episodes of season 2 are coming out–all at once–on Wednesday, June 30.

Netflix’s execs have good reason to draw out the popular series. The show was watched by 51 million people, and, per Business Insider, those numbers make it No. 10 on the list of most-watched TV shows on the streamer.

“The secret is out—we’re thrilled to bring back Too Hot to Handle for two new seasons in a tropical paradise,” Brandon Riegg, Netflix’s VP of unscripted and documentary series, told Variety in January. “Netflix members around the world fell in love with the hilarious antics of season 1, and now fans won’t have to wait long to see our new contestants try (and fail) to follow Lana’s strict rules with plenty of twists and surprises along the way.”

Okay, but here’s the deal, Netflix: You’re making us wait for these twists and surprises, and we don’t even get any prize money in return for our patience! Here’s what we do know while we wait.

What can we expect in these next five episodes?

When we last left the group at the end of episode 4, they’d already lost a collective $32,000; they lost $21,000 of that on the first day. Cam Holmes and Emily Miller are the biggest offenders, as the two of them alone have cost the group $17,000.

Going forward, though, Miller and Holmes are not the only ones to watch. They’ve been the only couple—so far—to be tested with a night away together (they lost $5,000 with their violations), but that doesn’t mean they will be the only ones who fail against temptation. Carly Lawrence and Chase De Moor are getting pretty close, and Melinda Melrose and Marvin Anthony have the potential to be some of the biggest losers (of cash) in the bunch.

We have episodes five through 10 to go, and a lot could happen. The only question: Who is going to piss off Lana next?

Is anyone still together?

That is to be determined. We do know that Holmes and Miller, Lawrence and DeMoor, and Melrose and Anthony are getting hot and heavy. If we learned anything from Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago during last year’s season, these relationships have the potential to continue after couples leave the villa. It’s still too early to know who can go the distance, but the next round of episodes should be very telling.

When is season 3 coming?

We do know that seasons 2 and 3 were filmed back to back, which means we could be getting the next season sooner rather than later. Variety notes that contestants on both seasons thought they were on a show called Parties and Paradise before Lana showed her…cone. (Anyone else thinking of the “Lana got coned” line from Princess Diaries now?).

Netflix has not announced the release date of season 3, but seasons 1 and 2 were released about a year apart. We have already established that when it comes to this show, the streamer likes to keep us waiting. For now, keep your libidos in check.

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