These Are All The Best Products On Sale At Ulta Right Now


There’s never a wrong time to buy more beauty products. And if there’s a sale as good as this one from Ulta, you have no good excuse not to give yourself a little pick-me-up. It’s officially summertime, which means you need to pack on the SPF, switch out your heavy cream for a lighter version, and throw on some glam makeup, because why not? Ulta’s Summer Sale is the beauty sale of the season, and you have until July 4th to shop countless beauty must-haves at insanely decreased prices. If you’re not into the idea of mindlessly scrolling through 23–you heard that right, 23–pages of products, I picked the 25 items I would be more than happy to receive from a friend of mine. Do you hear that, friends? Suppose your vanity is already covered in products. In that case, you could always go the selfless route and buy your friend whose birthday is in November (November 18th, are you still not paying attention, friends?!) a gift on sale, and by the time you give it to them, it won’t be on sale anymore, and they’ll think you paid full price. Ahead, find the best of the best, from skincare, hair tools, everyday essentials, and eyeshadow palettes that will change your life. I knew this was a Holiday weekend, but wow, what a way to celebrate.


Glow Tonic



This bottle of goodness is the key to glowing skin. And I hear that glowing skin is in this season. And every season.


Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

Color Wow


For a blowout that’s so good your hair practically glows, you’re going to need a couple pumps of this spray. 


The Festival Eyeshadow Palette

Juvia’s Place


Up the ante with these powerfully pigmented shadows that you can use to create every look imaginable.


Nail Polish



Your last manicure was a year and a half ago, so give yourself the gift of a fresh set of claws.


Classic Eyeshadow Palette



KUWTK might be done, but KKW Beauty isn’t. These 10 shades are all you ever need for a glam smokey eye.


Cura Hair Dryer



T3 creates some of the most effective–and stunning–hair tools. Pick this one up before it sells out.


Original Exfoliant Foot Peel

Baby Foot


If you were the kid in middle school who painted their hands in glue just for that satisfying peel, peeling off large pieces of dead skin from your feet is even better.


Leave-In Conditioner



For the curly girls who need a little extra bounce, this leave-in conditioner is beloved by many for its effectiveness and deep hydration.


G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hair Styling Iron



A flat iron on sale? Don’t ask, just buy.


Anthelios Melt-in Milk Body & Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF 100

La Roche-Posay


It’s summer, which means you need sunscreen. And I know for a fact you don’t wear one everyday. So just buy this to make me happy please.


LUNA Mini 2



Get into those nooks and cranies to get out that gunk that causes acne and blackheads. That little crease on your nose? It’ll be clean for the first time ever.


Butter Bronzer Murumuru Butter Bronzer

Physicians Formula


Cheat a tan with this buttery soft bronzer that blends like nothing else in the world. 


FIX Line Smoothing Device



Don’t hate your wrinkles, just give them some luxe loving with this powerful device. Click on before and after pictures if you don’t believe me. 


Professional Black Gold One-Step Detachable Blowout

Hot Tools


Salons are expensive, so get a blowout at home with this two-in-one round brush and dryer combo. Bouncy Victoria Secret waves are just a few minutes away. 


Blossom Eau de Parfum

Jimmy Choo


If sweating all day is bringing down your natural musk, a spritz or two of this fragrance will make it all better.


Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit

Sally Hansen


Love some bushy brows, don’t love my bushy upper lip. This easy to use waxing strips take care of my mustache in seconds.


Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation SPF 15

Benefit Cosmetics


A gorgeous foundation that has built-in sun protection? Don’t mind if I do.


Senorita Margarita Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath



It might be taboo to drink a cocktail before noon, but no one said anything about it being bad to smell like a cocktail before noon.


OMZZZ Acai Nightly Cleansing Balm



Emma Chamberlain’s favorite balm to take off makeup and for a good all-over cleanse is on sale, so you might as well buy it.


Crème Cheek Blush

Honest Beauty


For a cute, natural flush, these cream blushes will give you that extra boost. One step closer to looking like Jessica Alba.


No Frizz Vanishing Oil

Living Proof


Humidity? In this economy? This oil will take care of frizz for a sleek, shiny look that doesn’t explode when you walk outside.


3D Whitestrips 1 Hour Express Dental Whitening Kit



My teeth are mad at me for all the coffee and red wine I drink, so I treat them with these white strips till they’re blinding. 


Mousse Radiance



The secret to Parisian skin? This cleanser, probably. It has a great lather so you really feel it cleaning off sweat and grime from the day.


Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation



This foundation will make everyone think you were just born with flawless skin. 


Hydro Boost Water Gel Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30



For the perpetually dehydrated, this sunscreen offers stellar protection from nasty UVA and UVB rays while giving a dose of moisture that can’t be beat.

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