The 12 Best Nail Stickers For An Instant Professional Manicure

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Every now and then I get sucked into an Instagram nail art wormhole, where I stalk chic women who give themselves the most fabulous manicures. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t added tiny brushes and mini pearls to my Amazon shopping cart, determined to copy their exquisite, highly detailed nail art. But then I remember: While there’s a chance I might be able to give myself an edgy leopard-print manicure, on the one hand, there is no possibility that my non-dominant hand could accomplish such a task. And so I’m left with plain, single-toned fingernails.

But there’s another option. Nail stickers! Not to be confused with pre-teen stickers-on-my-binder, these are elevated stickers. Cool girl stickers. On top of your simple mani or even bare nails, apply a few and watch an ordinary look turn into something people will add to their Pinterest boards for years to come. So whether you’re looking for something niche, a classic design, or something out of this world, there is a nail sticker pack that’s just calling your name. Below, find 12 of the coolest (and easiest to apply!) nail stickers money can buy.

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Nail Art Sticker Sheet

Deco Miami


When life gives you lemons, get a mini sticker-version and put it on your fingernails. Then seal it with a clear topcoat to really make an impact.


The Cheat Sheets Nail Stickers

Ciaté London


Leopard print? Fruits? Edgy designs? The world is your oyster.


Nail Art Adhesive Stickers



I might have aged out of my raver days, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still allude to that time of my life. These day-glow nail designs are too cool for school.


Nail Art Set

Base Coat


Say it with a sticker. What would I write out on my nails, you ask? “R U A” followed by the Gemini symbol. If the answer is yes, run away.


Nail Art Stickers Loveliest Day

Olive & June


Bring warm weather vibes onto your hands with tiny flowers and a Paris-inspired bicycle sticker.


Graffiti Fun Nail Art Stickers



This multi-pack not only gives great nail art stickers, but also full finger nail wraps so you can be completely polish-free. 


Magic Pick Stickers Floral Blush

Dashing Diva


These 3D nail stickers are slightly raised so you don’t need to go to the arts and crafts store, trying to find tiny gems to glue onto your fingernails for Instagram likes.


Gem Nail Sticker Set

More than Magic


This ’90s style nails tickers are too cute to handle, and come in fun designs like moons and hearts.


Mini Nail Stickers Eyes to Soul Mystical Edition

Le Mini Macaron


Ward off bad vibes (coming from, say, Geminis) with these Evil Eye nail stickers.


Nail Art Set

Piggy Paint


Have a little fun with these kitschy nail stickers that come in designs like flowers, hearts, castles, and even a little piggy.


Nail Art Stickers



If you’re headed to the tropics, these nail stickers that feature butterflies and beautiful flowers are the must-have accessory to your look.


White Flower Nail Stickers 3D



For the minimalist among us, these white flower designs elevate every look.

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